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Comic Illustration Tool "MangaLabo" Download

The latest version 1.0.20

About trial version

MangaLabo is a shareware. Upon the purchase, you can download the full version from the Serial Ley Management page. There is no limit on using a trial version.

Before the purchase, please check the functionality in your PC environment and the feeling of using pens/brushes.

About Functions of Trial Version

Trial version has the below functional limits.

  • Saving as mdp (document) or mdps (project) formats.
  • Editing a data created 30 days ago or older.
  • Copying to Clipboard
  • Outputting a file from project at once.
  • Using the tone data (available only partial tones).

Other than above limitations, you can use all the functions same as the full version.

Price 5,800 JPY
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System Requirements

OS Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Checked the performance in 64 bits environment
HDD More than 128MB free capacity
CPU x86 Compatible Processor corresponding to SSE2
RAM Recommended Memory Capacity by Operating System
Resolution More than 1024 × 768 pixel
Color Depth More than 32 bit(16,770,000 colors)
Peripherals Wacom Tablet
  • More than 1GHz CPU is recommended when anti-alias indication is used.
  • The physical memory used by MangaLabo is dependent on picture size or number of layers. The bigger pictures and the more layers there are, the more memories are needed. Differences arise by which OS is used. The more data is needed, the higher speed of CPU is needed as the same as memory.
  • Depending on a video card, color depth other than 32 bits might cause an extreme speed fall on a display. Color depth with 32 bits color is recommended.
  • A pen pressure function cannot be used with a mouse.
  • We don't guarantee the compatibility with LCD Tablet (such as Cintiq, XPC-1700B), Table PC, and Multi-Display, Dual Display monitor.
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