MangaLabo Support Guidelines

MangaLabo Support Guidelines

In order to provide better customer support, please read the below guidelines.

About the Serial Key:

Regarding to the question about your Serial Key, please email to our Customer Support directly due to security reasons.

Loss of Serial Key:
Please request the re-issuance from the Serial Key Management Page in Account Management.

Miscellaneous questions/problems, such as:

You didn't receive the Serial Key after 3 business days from payment.
The Serial Key registry window doesn't pop up.
Error occurs when you enter the Serial Key, such as "incorrect data" etc.
Trial version cannot be unlocked.
Error (eg. "bad status", "bad command or data") occurs, and you cannot use some functions.
Please contact the Support Forum or Support Forum or email to Customer Support.

About product malfunction

We are preparing the English Support Forum currently.

If you have any inquiries, please look at the Japanese Support Forum or Support Forum or email us.

Any problem

  • Subject of your email: MangaLabo Technical Support
  • Your name:
  • Serial Key:
  • Operating System:
  • MangaLabo version:
  • Problem description: *Please describe as detail ed as possible.
  • We cannot provide services without your serial key.
  • We will not be able to answer requests.


Request for product improvement

We don't normally accept product improvement requests for MangaLabo.

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