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Latest Version : 6.1.00 ( July./27/2016 update )

About openCanvas Download and Trial Version

  • The trial period with full function will be 120 days from the first start-up.
  • openCanvas will be no longer available after the expiration of the trial period except replaying event files.
  • In order to use full function after the trial period expiration, purchase of Serial Key and its activation are required.
  • Please try the trial version to check the performance in your PC and feel the functions and usability of openCanvas before purchase.
  • There is no cost for downloading/installing openCanvas trial version.
  • Please choose 64bit or 32bit version according to your operating system. 64bit version will not work in 32bit operating system.
  • In case of getting the warning message due to your PC's security software or browser, please allow the download of openCanvas.

openCanvas Update History

openCanvas Ver6.1.00 has been released.(Jun./27/2016)

Function Addition
  • A image in the middle of replaying event file can be saved as a PNG image.When you open an event file, the setup window will pop up. Set up the details and click "OK" to proceed. A GIF animation will be created simultaneously with relaying an event file. (You can also create PNG images in a sequential order.)
  • An event file can be exported to a GIF animation.
  • [Save Layers in Sequence Number] has been added under the File menu. It enables you to save layers as images in a sequential order.
  • [RGB Display] has been added under the Color Window menu.
  • You can choose 24bit PNG or Transparent PNG when saving a PGN file.
  • Bitmap brush got improved higher-speed.
(You cannot save a protected event file in a PNG or GIF format.)
Malfunction Correction
  • Copying a layer caused memory leakage has been fixed.
  • A size got changed when dragging the lower-right corner in the Reference window has been fixed.
  • Eyedropper tool didn't pick a color from an inactive window has been fixed.
Specification Change
  • An icon location of Ruler window has been changed.
  • You can deselect a ruler by clicking a selected ruler in Ruler List.
  • Below menu and shortcut key has been deleted.
Past Update History

openCanvas Ver6.0.25 has been released.(Jun./23/2016)

Malfunction Correction
  • Improper processing when applying Fill, Magic Eraser, or Magic Wand to Layer Mask has been fixed.
  • Malfunction of Undo tool when moving Layer Mask only with Move tool has been fixed.
  • An error dialog box improperly appeared when applying [Select] > [All] to a layer with Layer Mask right after opening a file has been fixed.
  • An error dialog box improperly appeared with the HUION tablet has been fixed.
  • An image became transparent when pasting a copied image from some other software to openCanvas has been fixed.
  • Malfunction of Brush List icon has been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.24 has been released.(Apr./11/2016)

Malfunction Correction
  • Software crashes occasionally while replaying an event file has been fixed.
  • Occasional event file replay malfunction has been fixed.
  • An error with naming a new document while an image is open in the Reference window has been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.23 has been released.(Mar./18/2016)

Malfunction Correction
  • Deleting a workspace file in explorer caused to disable saving workspace has been fixed.
  • Layer location got shifted after copying&pasting the relocated layer has been fixed.
  • Color got changed after switching from HSL to HSV in color window/ eyedropper has been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.22 has been released.(Mar./03/2016)

Malfunction Correction
  • The error with switching to workspace has been fixed.
  • The error that duplicated lines was created by double-clicking to complete a curve line has been fixed.
  • Improper display of brush list has been fixed.
  • Improper Bitmap display under the pen nib setting in Brush Editor has been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.21 has been released.(Feb./25/2016)

Malfunction Correction
  • The activation error in some PC environment has been fixed.
  • The Filter error that created a different outcome after re-applying Filter has been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.20 has been released.(Jan./29/2016)

Malfunction Correction
  • The error with the text input with IME has been fixed.
  • The error that the canvas window size gets changed after applying [View] > [Reset Display] has been fixed.
  • The gap between windows when using openCanvas in the Windows 10 environment has been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.19 has been released.(Dec./25/2015)

Malfunction Correction
  • The opacity error on Fill Figure, Fill, Gradient tools has been fixed.
  • The error that the Hand tool appears in the canvas window when opening a file from the Reference window has been fixed.
  • The blurry Brush List window icon has been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.18 has been released.(Dec./22/2015)

Malfunction Correction
  • Some malfunctions have been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.17 has been released.(Dec./21/2015)

Function Addition
  • The Reference window has been added.
  • Chroma Aberration Filter has been added.
Malfunction Correction
  • The performance malfunction after changing the brush size of bitmap pen nib has been fixed.
  • The delay on selecting a bitmap brush has been fixed.
  • Texts in the several dialogue box have been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.16 has been released.(Oct/28/2015)

Malfunction Correction
  • A cursor could not move to the edge of screen when the desktop DPI was larger than 100% has been fixed.
  • The editing error when the floor line of perspective ruler was higher than the horizontal line has been fixed.
  • The wrong icon image of the gradient window has been fixed.
  • Added the below items in the layer window pop-up menu:
    [Layer]-[Turn On Layer Mask]
    [Layer]-[Create Layer Mask]-[Show Selection]
    [Layer]-[Create Layer Mask]-[Hide Selection]
Specification Change
  • - The below tools are available to flip or rotate the selected area or layer mask:
    [Image]-[Flip Horizontal]
    [Image]-[Flip Vertical]
    [Image]-[Rotate 90 CW]
    [Image]-[Rotate 90 CCW]
    [Image]-[Rotate 180]

openCanvas Ver6.0.15 has been released.(Aug/25/2015)

Malfunction Correction
  • The side switch malfunction of Stylus with some tablet PC has been fixed.
  • The Pencil tool has been always selected when hitting the shortcut keys has been fixed.
  • The Text tool error when using the Undo command has been fixed.
  • Being unable to use the multi-byte character with the Text tool has been fixed.
  • The option window error when switching to the Brush tool with the shortcut key has been fixed.
  • Missing [Rasterize Layer] in the shortcut key setting dialogue has been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.14 has been released.(Jun/29/2015)

Malfunction Correction
  • The Cancel button in the dialogue box showed up in Japanese has been fixed.
  • Shortcut Key error for the following functions has been fixed:
    [Duplicate Layer]
    [Delete Layer]
    [Create Clipping Mask]
    [Merge Down]
    [Last Filter]

openCanvas Ver6.0.13 has been released.(Jun/26/2015)

Malfunction Correction
  • The Eyedropper input error while using the Text tool has been fixed.
  • The automatic brush size saving error, while the "Save Brush Settings Automatically" option is unchecked, has been fixed.
  • The control disfunction occurred by switching the pen tablet to the tail switch while using Free Transform has been fixed.
  • "Delete Layer Mask" malfunction has been fixed.
  • The display outside the canvas didn't get updated while rotating the canvas display has been fixed.
  • The Shortcut Key setting was reversed between "Merge Visible" and "Flatten Visible" has been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.12 has been released.(May/15/2015)

Malfunction Correction
  • A cursor became an hour glass while being unchecked [View]>[Transparent] has been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.11 has been released.(Apr/28/2015)

Malfunction Correction
  • An error sometimes occurred when saving an image with selection in PSD format has been fixed.
  • Layer Mask error occurred when using [Merge Visible] or [Flatten Visible] has been fixed.
  • An error that Eyedropper tool picked a wrong color has been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.10 has been released.(Mar/13/2015)

Malfunction Correction
  • Moving layer with selection caused an error has been fixed.
  • Display didn't update after moving Layer Mask has been fixed.
  • Undo didn't work after opening an image and moving a layer has been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.09 has been released.(Feb/24/2015)

Malfunction Correction
  • An error occurred at drawing in a new layer after changing an image size has been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.08 has been released.(Feb/19/2015)

Function Addition
  • "Pattern" has been added to the Layer properties window.
    * Please note that "Pattern" becomes invalid with the "Pass through" layer set.
  • "Lock" has been added to the Layer properties window.
Malfunction Correction
  • Layer Mask in a Text layer didn't work properly after applying "Merge Down" has been fixed.
  • An occasional drawing error with a tablet has been fixed.
  • A line got choppy when turning off the Anti-aliasing option in the Brush window has been fixed.
  • DPI information was not saved properly in a JPEG and PNG format has been fixed.
  • An error occurred at opening a PSD file with multiple alpha channels has been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.06 / 6.0.07 has been released.(Dec/25/2014)

Function Addition
  • Layer Lock function has been added.
    You cannot use the following function in a locked layer: draw, fill, filter, delete, transform, move, merge down (*), remove, delete outside the display area, edit text, rasterize, change transparent area, create/edit layer mask
  • - "Create New" button has been added to the ruler window.
  • - Preset size has been added to creating new canvas.
Specification Change
  • Result of [Pass Through] layer set has been improved.
  • "Event" has been added to the main menu.
  • The following items has been moved to "Event":
    [edit]-[Quit Recording...]
  • Reaction at clicking tool button has been modified.
  • Previously selected preset will be automatically detected in a "Create New" dialogue.
  • Layer Mask condition will be reverted at applying Undo/ Redo.
  • Cursor default setting will show both brush size cursor and mouse cursor.
  • Brush size will be displayed in the center of canvas while changing a brush size.
Malfunction Correction
  • Grid display got messy at scrolling has been fixed.
  • An image got partially disappeared after saving in a PSD format has been fixed.
  • Watercolor parameter error in the brush editor dialogue has been fixed.
  • After applying Layer Mask, a previous image showed up while editing a layer has been fixed.
  • Background color error at start up has been fixed.
  • Malfunction of reading-in Layer Mask in a PSD format has been fixed.
  • Ruler didn't get interlocked with an image after rotating/flipping has been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.05 has been released.(Nov/21/2014)

Malfunction Correction
  • The error at creating a new canvas while selecting Auto-Select tool has been fixed.
  • Read-in error with a PSD file in Grayscale mode has been fixed.
  • Read-in error with a PSD file in Monochrome mode has been fixed.
  • The error with the tip of brush stoke while replaying an event file has been fixed.
  • Creating a brush stroke with holding down Ctrl key caused an unnecessary line from the last point has been fixed.
  • Using brush after rasterizing text layer caused to erase the partial text has been fixed.
  • Occasional error with applying Undo in a large area has been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.04 has been released.(Oct/30/2014)

Malfunction Correction
  • The error that dotted line did not appear properly at drawing a curved line has been fixed.
  • The error at applying Transform tool to an empty layer has been fixed.
  • The error at applying Transform tool to Text layer has been fixed.
  • The error that Hand control angle and display angle became incorrect while flipping a display horizontally.
  • Grid setting can be promptly reflected from "Preferences."
  • The error that only the half of Print Preview was displayed has been fixed.
  • The error with Fill tool using right after started a new canvas has been fixed.
  • The error with the display when replaying an event file that shows the transparent area of image has been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.03 has been released.(Oct/30/2014)

Malfunction Correction
  • The event reply error after using bitmap brush has been fixed.
  • The event reply error after using straight line has been fixed.
  • The occasional error at closing the program has been fixed.
  • The packet processing bug with tablet has been fixed.
  • The mapping processing bug with tablet has been fixed.

openCanvas Ver6.0.02 has been released.(Aug/29/2014)

Malfunction Correction
  • Improper shortcut key switching with some tools has been fixed.
  • Improper tool switching with some tools when selected from the pop-down menu has been fixed.
  • Error that the navigator doesn't show an image when [View]>[Transparent] is checked has been fixed.
  • Occasional error at closing the program has been fixed.
  • Error occurred when multiple-touching with the TabletPC has been fixed.
  • Error that gesture control and mouse control simultaneously happens occasionally has been fixed.
  • Layer Mask disappears after changing the resolution has been fixed.
  • Improper read-in with PNG file except saved in a full color format has been fixed.
  • Improper stroke preview with eraser tool has been fixed.
  • Error that pen pressure with tablet gets temporarily disabled has been fixed.
  • Partial spelling errors have been corrected.

openCanvas Ver.6.00(June/26/2014)

Function Addition
  • openCanvas is comatible to 64bit native.
  • The pen pressure of TabletPC API is now supported. You need to have the PC environment that supports TabletPC API. Gesture function will be supported in the future update.
  • The drawing engine for pencile, eraser, watercolor, airbrush tools has been updated.
    You can set it up from "stroke option" in the brush editor dialogue.


    Jitter lets you draw while changing its brush size, opacity, flatness, and angle at random. Higher numerical value gives wider changing range.

    [Auto-adujst Spacing]

    Distance between drawings is adjusted automatically per the brush size. When this option is turned ON, the previously defined spacing setting will be invalid and the spacing slider in option window will ot be available.

    [Match Angle to Drawing Direction]

    Cursor's traveling direction and brush angle are matched.


    The brush tips will be spread apart at random.

  • Two new features have been added to watercolor tool; [Color Mixture] and [Influential Distance].
    [Color Mixture]:It determines the mixing ratio with surrounding colors.
    [Influential Distance]:It determines the length of mixed colors getting back to the original color.
    The density distribution setting of new brush will be the Outline option only. [Outline]:It determines the blur intensity of brush outline.

  • Layer Mask is equipped now.
  • Workspace saving function is added.
    You can save/delete workspace from [Window]-[Workspace] at the top menu.
    Pallet positions and shortcut key information will be saved in workspace.
    Workspace can be saved up to 10.
    Characters, such as "\" or "/" etc., are not acceptable for a workspace name.
Specification Change
  • Brush's maximum "radius" is changed to "brush size," which is indicated as "diameter" instead.
  • Bitmap brush size is set up in pixels.
  • [Initialize Pallet Positions] menu location has been changed.
  • Ruler will be created when opening an image file other than .oci format.
  • Name of [Mask] is changed to [Selection].
  • User Interface button size got slightly larger for the better view.
  • Tool button sizes are slightly larger for the better view.
  • Old brush tools have been eliminated.
  • [Dissolve] option is eliminated from Layer Properties.
  • Gradient effect option is eliminated.
Malfunction Correction
  • Brush cursor flickering is reduced.
  • "Pass Through" mode of PSD file was translated to "Normal" in openCanvas has been fixed.
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