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Product Information and Function Introduction

PaintingSoftware openCanvas openCanvas

Draw, Enjoy,and be Fascinated

openCanvas is a paint/drawing software that enables you to record/replay your drawing procedure.
If you use the "Event" function (to replay the drawing process), it is quite easy to find out how an illustration was created!
openCanvas has a simple interface, nice and realistic brush stroke, and various filters/layers/tones.
openCanvas will be suitable for beginners to advanced users.

New Pen

New Pen is added to Pencil, Eraser, Clear Watercolor, and Air Brush functions. You can adjust curve and blur with new Pen.

New Pen

Stroke Adjustment

Stroke Adjustment Curve Adjustment Adjust to a smooth curve line if you check [Smoothen] under [Stroke Option] window.
Line Smoothening Adjustment Smoothen line by adjusting [Shaprpen Level] under [Stroke Option] window.

Draw Curve

Draw Curve

Free Deformation

You can deform an image from [Layer]>[Deformation]>[Free Deformation].
You can deform selected area from [Selected Area]>[Free Deformation].

1.Move : Move a selected area. Click and hold within a selected area and drag to move.
2.Scale : Scale up and down a selected area by dragging a corner handle. -Press Shift as you drag a corner handle to scale proportionately.
- Press Alt as you drag a corner handle to scale from an anchor point as a center.
- Press Shift+Alt as you drag a corner handle to scale proportionately from an anchor point as a center.
3.Rotate: Rotate a selected area. Move the pointer outside the bounding border and then drag. Also you can move the center point of rotate.
4.Skew: Skew a selected area. Press Ctrl as you drag a side handle to slant the bounding box.
5.Vertex Move: Move the vertex point Press Ctrl as you drag a vertex point to move around freely.
Free Deformation

Layer Clipping:Let you use the content of a layer to mask the layers above it

[Layer] - [Create Clipping Mask] : Clip a layer.
[Layer] - [Release Clipping Group] : Release clipping.
[Layer] - [Merge Clipping Group] : Merge clipped layers.

Layer Clipping

Layer Link

By using Layer Link function, you can move around multiple layers at once.

Select the base layer first, and click in a box (next to the Eye icon) of a layer that you would like to link.
If you sucessfully link layers, a chain icon will show up.

Layer Link

Snap: Help with precise placement of selection edges, cropping marquees, shapes, paths, etc..

Snap is effective to:
- All drawing tool
-Fill the selected area

Flip Horizontal/Vertical

Choose [View]>[Flip Horizontal/Vertical] to flip just the display, different from [Image]>[Flip Canvas Horizontal/ Vertical]. This is not recorded as an event.Shortcut key is [F10].

Scheduled function upgrading in the future (continually)

  • Highspeed display of high resolution image editing
  • Highspeed display and improvement of Brushstroke
  • Adding new Brush
  • New Layer Group function
  • and more..
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Price US$ 70.00 59.00
Upgrade Price US$ 35.00

System Requirements

OS Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1
HDD More than 10MB free capacity
CPU x86 Compatible Processor corresponding to SSE2
RAM Recommended Memory Capacity by Operating System
Resolution More than 1024 × 768 pixel
Color Depth More than 32 bit(16,770,000 colors)
Peripherals Wacom tablet
  • More than 1GHz CPU is recommended when anti-alias indication is used.
  • The physical memory used by openCanvas is dependent on picture size or number of layers. The bigger pictures and the more layers there are, the more memories are needed. Differences arise by which OS is used. The more data is needed, the higher speed of CPU is needed as the same as memory.
  • Depending on a video card, color depth other than 32 bits might cause an extreme speed fall on a display. Color depth with 32 bits color is recommended.
  • A pen pressure function cannot be used with a mouse.
  • System operation capabilities with the LCD tablet (Cintiq、XPC-1700B) and the tablet PC have been checked, however we do not guarantee the compatibility.
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