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In order to provide the better customer support, please read the below guidelines.

About XP-Pen Pen tablet purchase bonus

Please read below for obtaining openCanvas7 as XP-Pen tablet purchase bonus.

About downloading openCanvas

Version 6 is available to download from "Serial Key Management Page".

Update on the tablet bug

There is a bug that causes unable to draw in openCanvas after installing Wacom's tablet driver V6.3.14-1. If you are currently using V6.3.14-1, please download/install the latest version from the Wacom's website.

Thank you for the understanding and cooperation.

Supported Version and Old Versions Download

We officially provide our support service to the current version, openCanvas7 (Japanese/English versions).

As for openCanvas6, we continue to provide our support as well.

However we ended our support to the older versions/products.

Older versions can be downloaded from Serial Key Management page.

Serial Key Purchase and Upgrade

About the upgrade price
Users who purchased openCanvas2 to 6 series are eligible to get the upgrade to the latest openCanvas6 with the discount price at US$ 35.00. By registering your Serial Key in Serial Key Management page, the discount price will be applied.

Serial Key and Activation

Serial Key is the important information for using the product.

Serial Key
Upon the completion of the payment, Serial Key will be issued to Serial Key Management page normally within 3 business days.
Serial Key is tied to the registered portalgraphicsID at the purchase, thus you cannot re-issue Serial Key to another account or email address. Please refer to Serial Key Management page for more information.
Please contact our customer support [ support@portalgraphics.net ] for the Serial Key related issue.

Serial Key activation is required from openCanvas6.

Activation is to verify that your openCanvas Serial Key is genuine and that it has not been used on more computers than the portalgraphics.net allow.
To proceed the activation, the issued Serial Key upon purchase and internet connection are necessary.
Please contact our customer support [ support@portalgraphics.net ] with the answers to the below questions for the activation related issue.
  • Operating System (eg. Windows 8.1 64bit version)
  • openCanvas Version (eg. openCanvas 7.0.XX 64bit version)
  • portalgraphicsID (the registered email address)

Product Malfunction

We are preparing the English Support Forum currently.

If you have any inquiries, please look at the Japanese Support Forum or email us.

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