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English webpage APP not loading

タイトル English webpage APP not loading(ID:1851 )
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更新日 2021-02-03 11:45:06
投稿者 Rick S
カテゴリ 不具合報告
  • 製品名: openCanvas ver7.0.25 ( Latest )
  • OS:Windows 10 - 64bit( 製品サポートOS )
  • RAM:4.00G~
  • タブレット:XP-PEN
詳細 I\'ve tried three different browsers on multiple computers, when going to ENGLISH tab on site, it doesn\'t load, and if I use a translated JAPANESE page to download the software, the software download doesn\'t display either Japanese or English (see attachment), so I cannot install the software

This is the English tab URL that doesn\'t load:
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English webpage APP not loading」へのレスポンス&情報共有 ( 1 )

運営/開発者より ID : 2983 / 名前 : Support / 2021-02-01 11:44:09
Thank you for the inquiry.

We confirmed this issue that you reported.
We will investigate the cause and fix it as soon as possible.

Please download the openCanvas from the following URL:

Best regards


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