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Program cant show image

タイトル Program cant show image(ID:1883 )
進捗 質問中
更新日 2021-04-19 15:51:47
投稿者 Program cant show image
カテゴリ 不具合報告
  • 製品名: openCanvas ver7.0.25 ( Latest )
  • OS:Windows 10 - 32bit( 製品サポートOS )
  • RAM:4.00G~
  • タブレット:その他 ( 他のメーカー )
詳細 Today I open Opencanvas 7 and want to continue my work ,the program doesnt show those image,even I reset my computer or uninstall and download again, this problem doesnt fix it. Also i cant shut it down in normal way, i have to use Work manager to shut it down.
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運営/開発者より ID : 3035 / 名前 : Support / 2021-04-12 15:51:55
Thank you for the inquiry.

Please try the following:

- Re-install openCanvas

- Run as adminstrator
1. Close openCanvas if it is open.
2. Right-click on oC7.exe file.
3. Select \"Run as administrator\" from pop-up menu.

- Delete the setting file
1. Close openCanvas if it is open.
2. Go to \"C:\\Users\\{UserName}\\Documents\\PGN\"
3. Delete \"openCanvas7 \" folder

If you can\'t open a particular file, please send it to support.
We will investigate the cause of the problem.

Best regards,
ユーザーより ID : 3038 / 名前 : Still cant work / 2021-04-12 23:32:17
I try these two methods,but it still cant show my image, and i also cant close this program in normal way, I have to use task manager to close it.


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