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vomment changer la langue

タイトル vomment changer la langue(ID:1979 )
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更新日 2022-01-04 18:36:43
投稿者 colline
カテゴリ 機能質問
  • 製品名: openCanvas ver7.0.25 ( Latest )
  • OS:Windows 10 - 64bit( 製品サポートOS )
  • RAM:不明
  • タブレット:XP-PEN
詳細 bonjour je vous contacte car j\'aimerais pouvoir changer la langue du logiciel est ce possible? si oui comment faire ?
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運営/開発者より ID : 3187 / 名前 : Support / 2021-12-27 14:06:27
Thank you for the inquiry.

About language is Japanese, please try the following:

- Re-install openCanvas
1. Download the installer (
2. Please check if the installer is the English version.
The file name should end with \"_en\".
3. Right click on the installer
4. Select \"Run as administrator\" from the popped-up menu.

- Run as adminstrator
1. Close openCanvas if it is open.
2. Right-click on openCanvas .exe file.
3. Select \"Run as administrator\" from pop-up menu.

If you want to use the openCanvas without administrator, please grant
access permission to registry.
1. Close openCanvas
2. Press \"Windows key R\"
3. In the dialog box, enter \"regedit\" and start the registry editor.
4. Right-click \"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\embarcadero\"
5. Click \"Access Permission\"
6. Add a user who is going to use openCanvas to grant permission.
7. Repeat same process from 3 to 5 and grant access permission to

Please contact with any further questions.
Best regards,


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