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Attaching palette windows...

タイトル Attaching palette windows...(ID:2095 )
進捗 質問中
更新日 2023-01-12 11:38:33
投稿者 Quietlittleleaf
カテゴリ 機能質問
  • 製品名: openCanvas ver7.0.25 ( Latest )
  • OS:Windows 10 - 64bit( 製品サポートOS )
  • RAM:4.00G~
  • タブレット:Intuos4 Wireless
詳細 Is there a setting to attach palette windows to the canvas so they move with it?

I\'m often working non-fullscreen, and get tired of constantly going to Windows > workspace > \'reset palette locations\' every time I move the program window (say if I open a reference photo on the other side of the screen).

Any suggestion would be appreciated!
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運営/開発者より ID : 3371 / 名前 : Support / 2023-01-04 12:08:29
Thank you for the inquiry.

Unfortunately, there is no way to pin the palette window to the canvas window.
Thank you for your understanding.

As an alternative, [Reset palette locations] menu could be registered as a shortcut to reduce the burden.

Best regards,


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